They Spin. You Win. It's that Simple!!!


SpinDing can literally change an independent retailer's profitability overnight, while establishing a new loyal customer base eager to interact with this retailer. It's simple and fun and creates value for both the customer and the retailer.

This is how it works:

    1. The Merchant allocates some product inventory to 'giveaways'. Could be 5 units a day. 25 units max. 1000 units an hour. Whatever.
    2. Merchant uploads the product information into the SpinDing system.
    3. SpinDing locates a customer nearby and gives the item away as a PRIZE.
    4. Customer takes the electronic voucher to the merchant for redemption.

From the customer perspective:

    1. She downloads the free SpinDing Game app on her phone.
    2. We give her one free spin 'token' per day, that can be used to play the game daily.
    3. She plays the game, and gets a gift.
    4. She takes her phone to the store, shows the barcode to the merchant and redeems her prize. 
Anything. You will see best results with a fun inexpensive product that allows for an affordable campaign but that also generates excitement among consumers. Use something fun for a buck or less(retail)
4. Spinding is launching in the first quarter of 2015. We are looking for merchant partners to fill inventory in advance before the launch to have gifts available for our first consumer customers. We expect hundreds of thousands of downloads worldwide in the first 30 days, and many millions in the first year.
Once you register as a merchant customer, you will be given access to our comprehensive website you can use to manage your campaigns. There you can create campaigns, upload products, video ads, consumer messages and other data making up your campaign. Its very easy, just filling out an online form.

Expect a response in one business day. You can reach our support team at: