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Does Traditional Advertising Really Increase Foot Traffic? Can you even tell?

Posted on January 15, 2014 by: Paul Nash 0 Comments

By doing a search on the internet for "increasing foot traffic", you might be surprised to learn that none of the results include strategies that use traditional advertising for a local business. These days, you get more results from hosting a seminar or workshop at your store than putting a billboard up on the interstate. There is different kinds of advertising, and almost all the traditional methods are more effective "building your brand" as opposed to a specific call to action. That is why coupons are experiencing a comeback. "Get 50¢ off when you buy" does nothing for your brand. But it DOES generate a response. Unfortunately, redemption rates are still less than 2%.

The cost of traditional marketing platforms is also out of reach for many merchants. Unless you have a 5 figure budget, you can not participate in radio, TV, outdoor or print media. And if you do, you have to be satisfied that the impressions educate local consumers, maybe giving them a good feeling about your brand, by putting that little memory in the deep recesses for the next time they are "in the market". But what if you want to generate sales "now"?

Internet advertising has come a long way over the last few years, but it is still not very "local". It is great if you are Best Buy or Target or Amazon, but most platforms do not place your ad in front of an interested consumer locally, because they usually do not know where they are. Geotargeting has become commonplace on smart phones, but most online systems and browsers are not that smart.

So what should a merchant look for when making a decision to invest in a campaign using any platform?

  • The platform should generate "sales", not just warm fuzzies.
  • It should be affordable, measurable, effective and immediate.
  • It should provide real-time reporting, suitable for determining ROI.
  • It should increase foot traffic, store loyalty and repeat customers.
  • It should increase sales in a quantifiable way over and above the cost of the campaign.
  • It should increase store loyalty among customers through an enhanced store experience.
  • It should not add operational overhead, paperwork or other time consuming work.

SpinDing is all this, and more. With SpinDing, you enhance your customer experience. First you connect the excitement of "winning" to your brand. This feeling is sustained until the redemption is completed. Next you have an opportunity to interact with this customer like never before, through the SpinDing app, and leading up to a face to face transaction. The psychology of winning is a powerful dynamic, and you can take advantage of it to increase sales.

SpinDing is the holy grail of local promotional marketing. It changes the competitive landscape without effecting profits, and it generates local traffic without a huge ad budget.  It injects FUN into customer relationships, changes customer loyalties and generates traffic for a fraction of the cost of advertising, couponing, "grouponing" or other marketing methods.

SpinDing can literally change an independent retailers profitability overnight, while establishing a new loyal customer base eager to interact with this retailer. It is simple and fun and creates value for both the customer and the retailer.

This is how it works:

    1. The Merchant allocates some product inventory to "prizes". Could be 5 units a day. 25 units max. 1000 units an hour. Whatever.
    2. Merchant uploads the product information into the SpinDing system.
    3. SpinDing locates a customer nearby and gives the item away as a PRIZE.
    4. Customer takes the electronic voucher to the merchant for redemption.

From the customer perspective:

    1. She downloads the free SpinDing Game app on her phone.
    2. We give her one free spin "token" per day, that can be used to play the game daily.
    3. She plays the game, and gets a prize.
    4. She takes her phone to the store, shows the barcode to the merchant and redeems her prize. 

This is so easy it is ridiculous. The customer is happy. And the merchant has an opportunity to sell an accessory or in the very least make it a fun experience. Customer loyalty starts now. Everybody is happy.

ROI is more important than ever, and virtually any product or service can be tailored to work with SpinDing to make a profitable campaign. It is our mission to provide an inexpensive global network that meets your goals and increases profit on all sides. Talk to us about what product you can use as a giveaway to maximize redemptions, traffic and ultimately your ROI.

Picking a fun but inexpensive product or service to run on SpinDing is easy. You can get started with a SpinDing campaign for under $25 bucks, plus the cost of the inventory you set-up for prizes. (Anything works, especially items under a buck(retail), or other items that might get stale or need liquidating.) This is not your traditional 5-figure campaign without any ROI!

Please give us a call and let us give you some ideas. A SpinDing campaign could cost less than $100 all-in, and it could raise your sales by $1000. And you can not get this much loyalty in return for a 10% off promotion!



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