They Spin. You Win. It's that Simple!!!

About Us

In 1992, the founders of SpinDing, LLC operated one of the most successful kiosk networks offering couponing and promotions to companies in the package goods/grocery market. The Winner’s Circle game was the main attraction on this network and was operated in over 4,000 grocery stores internationally. The game was wildly popular among consumers and was utilized by retailers and package goods brands alike for trial and sampling of products, generating traffic to the store and the distribution of certain perishable items as an alternative to waste. The excitement of winning a prize at every visit drove consumers to act in very predictable ways, such as buying ancillary products that were compatible with the prize, or purchasing additional product to "top-up" a prize to quantities more suited to regular consumption. (For example, buying cocktail sauce for a prize of 3 jumbo shrimp, or buying 9 more to make an attractive appetizer for a family meal.)

The game generated extremely valuable market data that was used by retailers and brands to test new product introductions, and to determine the product loyalty of existing products in their portfolio. The challenge in its previous iteration was the huge amount of capital of up to $30,000 per location required to establish a network of over 8000-10,000 stores, which was needed to reach a "critical mass" for advertisers desiring data from all major markets. (Up to $300 million was required in a very limited capital environment.)

SpinDing, LLC (hereinafter "SpinDing" or "The Company") is now re-establishing this platform without the capital requirements  in a system that automatically surpasses any critical mass issues. With the game positioned as a free downloadable smart phone app, the Company can now take advantage of over 200 million cell phones in the US (and over two billion more worldwide) and the growing acceptance of instant access to data, games, movies and other applications through paid and free downloads. Transitioning the game to handheld devices will enhance the consumer experience while eliminating the challenges associated with its previous iteration.

In January 2014, the Company began pre-launching SpinDing, a new smart phone-enabled promotional game, where participants win free products and services every time they play.  SpinDing is a free downloadable smart phone app and is positioned to combine the widespread popularity of gaming and the excitement of winning prizes to establish a new traffic building advertising platform for merchants and retailers of all sizes. For more information about the SpinDing game, check out our blog, or download the demo yourself here.